"For it is a characteristic of the practice of Eutony that everyone experiences it differently, as a path by which life reveals itself.” Gerda Alexander

Developing the ability to feel and observe

“Eutony is a process which develops the ability to feel and observe what is happening within the body, physically and emotionally, while remaining in touch with the physical and psychological worlds without.” Jack Morley, actor

Awareness of Bones

“Awareness of the shape of our bones, of the force lines in the web of the skeleton, invites us to trust its ingenious construction” T. Windels Eutony & Maths teacher


REFLECTIONS ON A WEEK-LONG EUTONY COURSE 31 July-6 August 2011 by Tamar Posner, psychotherapist. An Embodied Awareness Course? Great. Now’s our chance! “Excuse me? Hey! You! Kindly pay attention; it’s your body speaking and we want to tell you something.” The above essentially encapsulates my experience, after several years of having to trust my intellect …read more

A Perpetual Source of Astonishment

For me, and after years of practice, I can say Eutony has been like a personal journey, non-linear, which has transformed my way of life at several levels: body, emotions, mind, spirit. I could call this an art of life, if this expression hadn’t been over used. What has impressed me most is the notion …read more


“Eutony, for me, has to do with integrity.” I K psychotherapist

Trying to Understand Oneself

“Gerda Alexander’s Eutony, unlike other techniques, does not set out to make the subject do something which conforms with a model it devises as ideal; its aim is rather that one should try to understand oneself so as to be able to use one’s full potential. The difficulty of describing Eutony is due to the …read more

Living Mindfully

“I went to a Mindfulness class, and realised that with Eutony, I had been living mindfully all along … ” Julie Grove secretary

Diving into Eutony

In the style of Eutony, I am going to avoid giving you the backdrop, history, the how’s and the why’s and get moving immediately into a week of this vivid work. Therese Melville, a Eutony teacher of over 30 years is the leader of this retreat and the only teacher of this work in the …read more

Help with Yoga

“Eutony offers of course a certain contrast with yoga – they have fundamentally different origins and aims – even if in some aspects, there are similarities between the two. Indeed, Gerda Alexander has created a system of body knowledge based on perception. Although first and foremost empirical, this system is extremely coherent. Based on thorough …read more