GERDA ALEXANDER (1908 – 1994) was a musician, dancer and mime involved in the theatre scene of Berlin before moving to Copenhagen in 1929. Her great sensitivity and body awareness served her well when she contracted rheumatic fever aged 18, a disease which affects the heart, and needed to find ways to save her energy to continue leading her Gerda Alexanderprofessional life. This need for “economy”, combined with her artistic and philosophical interest in avoiding all standardised and mechanical forms of movements led her to explore how being more attentive to her senses would help her to develop ways of moving and being in her body which were attuned to her physiology and structure, and felt easy and natural.

Working both on herself and with her many students from all walks of life, she developed her personal approach for teaching those who came to her classes to explore their own individual way to move and be in their body, at one with their own sense of self.
In time, the therapeutic aspect of her work became more apparent, without ever loosing its pedagogical and artistic sides.

She founded the first Eutony training school in Copenhagen in 1940.

Inspiration and influences

"As to the movement to which Eutony belongs, it is a part of the great flow of ideas and research which has distinguished the twentieth century ... the creativity which developed in Europe and the United States of America after the First World War toward a new pedagogy ... "